Explore the beauty of Chikmagalur in Karnataka with its enchanting attractions, including Mullayanagiri, Hebbe Falls, Baba Budangiri, Kemmangundi, Kudremukh National Park, Manikyadhara Falls, Kalhatti Falls, Madu Gundi Falls, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Kyathanamakki, Sharadamba Temple, Coffee Museum, Kadambi Falls, Z point, Homestay with Private Waterfall, and many more.

Chikmagalur, nestled in the Western Ghats, is a captivating hill station offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Known for its top-notch tourist spots, the town is a haven for sightseeing and trekking enthusiasts, showcasing the pristine beauty bestowed by the mighty Western Ghats.

The lush green landscapes host a plethora of attractions, inviting visitors to experience nature's unparalleled beauty in a unique and unforgettable way. Traditional culinary delights and visits to native villages add a delightful touch to the holiday experience.

Perched atop towering hills, Chikmagalur provides breathtaking panoramic views of its marvelous surroundings. Renowned for their warm hospitality and ample opportunities for adventure, the Chikmagalur tourist places are cherished by solo and group travelers alike from across the globe.


Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls Chikmagalur

Hebbe Falls, situated in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, stands out as the most captivating among the 35 waterfalls in the region. Nestled in the scenic Kemmangundi hill station, approximately an 8-hour drive from Bangalore, this enchanted waterfall is a popular destination for tourists seeking both beauty and therapeutic benefits.

The cascading waters of Hebbe Falls are infused with medicinal herbs, imparting healing qualities to the surroundings. This unique feature attracts a significant number of visitors who come to indulge in a refreshing dip. The waterfall descends majestically from a height of 551 feet over sleek black rocks in two distinct steps known as Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe. Dodda Hebbe is the larger of the two, while Chikka Hebbe is the smaller one.

To reach the renowned Kemmangundi hill, tourists must navigate through hairpin turns and meandering mist, adding an element of adventure to the journey. Hebbe Falls is an integral part of the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, contributing to the area's natural allure.


Kalhatti Falls

Kalhatti Falls Chikmagalur

Kalhatti Falls envelops you in nature's enchantment, offering an experience of the elements in their purest, most refreshing form. The allure of this waterfall becomes apparent up close, with the surrounding areas exuding revitalizing energy, inviting leisurely nature walks. As one of the finest destinations in Chikmagalur, it immerses you in nature's lush embrace. Situated near Kemmanagundi, Kalhatti Falls is blessed with a pristine environment, framed by numerous mountains and dense foliage.

A visit to this locale is akin to a pilgrimage of relaxation and enjoyment, making it the ideal spot among Chikmagalur's attractions. The proximity of a small temple, nestled within the waterfalls, adds a spiritual touch to the surroundings. Devotees frequent this place throughout the year, offering prayers amidst the cascading waters. Beyond its spiritual significance, Kalhatti Falls beckons adventure enthusiasts with its trekking trails, making trekking a popular activity in Chikmagalur.

Impressive trekking routes wind through the dense foliage, providing ample opportunities for sightseeing and making the areas around the falls ideal for camping. A trail encircles the cascade, allowing trekkers to ascend to the top, providing a vantage point to witness the cascading waters in all their splendor. Surrounding attractions, such as Z Point and Rock Garden, offer additional scenic delights and diverse activities.

Hebbe Falls, located 10 km from Kalhatti Falls, is within reach for those seeking more exploration. Whether trekking or opting for transportation, the natural beauty of the surroundings ensures that fatigue is a distant thought, leaving you always yearning for more.


Jhari Waterfalls

Jhari Waterfalls Chikmagalur

Ranked among the top tourist destinations in Chikmagalur, Jhari Waterfalls, also known as Buttermilk Falls due to its appearance, is acclaimed for its scenic beauty. Regarded as one of the premier places to visit in Chikmagalur, it offers a serene retreat in the midst of nature.

Surrounded by dense forest areas and coffee plantations, the falls present a captivating view. The lower region of the waterfall features a pool where visitors can enjoy a refreshing soak. Overall, the experience is both enjoyable and an excellent choice for a day-long picnic. Situated near Mullayanagiri, Baba Budangiri, close to Attigundi in Chikmagalur, Jhari Waterfalls promises a memorable and rejuvenating visit.


Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri Chikmagalur

Situated to the north of Karnataka's Chikkamagalur district, the Baba Budan Range graces the Western Ghats in India. Within this range, Baba Budangiri stands prominently, celebrated for its shrine dedicated to the Sufi Saint Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar, also known as Baba Budan. This revered site draws pilgrims from both Hindu and Muslim communities, becoming a frequented destination for travelers. Commonly referred to as the Dattagiri Hill Range, it is associated with the Hindu deity Guru Dattatreya. The range boasts one of the highest mountain peaks, its altitude positioned between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. Legend recounts that coffee first entered India in 1670 AD when Sufi Baba Budan cultivated the coffee crop in the Baba Budangiri Hills, traversing the Chikkamagalur district.

Renowned for its distinctive forest range, the Baba Budangiri Hills offer opportunities for hiking and trekking. The trail connecting Mullayanagari and Baba Budangiri is particularly notable. Adventure enthusiasts can explore the forest to discover the ancient shrine of Deviramma Betta, while Sitalayanna Giri provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Prominent trekking trails include the 12 km stretch from Baba Budangiri to Mullayanagri, the 4 km journey from Budangiri to Gaalikere, the 7 km route from Budangiri to Manikyadhara Falls, and the 6 km trek from Attigudi Junction to Baba Budangiri.

Historically known as Chandra Drona Parvatha, the Baba Budangiri Range comprises Mullayanagiri (1930 meters or 6317 feet) and Dattagiri/Baba Budangiri (1895 meters), standing as the highest peaks in Karnataka. These peaks collectively form the Chandradrona Parvatha Shreni due to their crescent moon-like shape. Mullayanagiri, the pinnacle of this range, holds the title of the highest peak. Notably, the hills host the rare Kurinji flowers, which bloom once every 12 years, attracting visitors from around the world to witness this extraordinary natural phenomenon.


Bhadra Dam

Bhadra Dam Chikmagalur

A significant landmark in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, is the Bhadra Dam, strategically constructed on the Bhadra River, a tributary of the renowned Tungabhadra River. Over time, the dam's significance increased as the local populace began utilizing its waters for irrigation and electricity generation, benefitting towns and villages in the vicinity. Commissioned in 1965, the dam harnesses the river's flow originating in the Western Ghats at Samse, coursing eastward across the Deccan Plateau, making it a prominent attraction in Chikmagalur.

The Bhadra River is enriched by its major tributaries, including Somavahini, Thadabehalla, and Odirayanahalla, passing through Bhadravathi city and the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary before converging with the Tunga River at Good, forming the Tungabhadra. Located 1.5 kilometers from Lakkavalli village and 50 kilometers upstream from the Bhadra-Tungabhadra confluence, the Bhadra Dam is an essential water management structure.

Proximity to Shimoga city and its drainage of a 1968 square-kilometer catchment area make the dam vital for sustaining various industries and urban and rural settlements. With an annual average rainfall of 2320 mm in the Bhadra River basin, the dam plays a crucial role in supporting the region. The dam's surroundings serve as a tourist attraction, featuring a river and the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, home to rare fauna such as red spurfowl, emerald dove, imperial green pigeon, mesh crocodiles, hill mynahs, gaurs, painted bush quail, black woodpecker, and wild boar.

Notably, several other tourist destinations like Kudremukh and Mullayanagiri are in close proximity to the dam. While there are no specific visiting hours for the dam, potential visitors to the wildlife sanctuary should inquire about specific timings to prevent any last-minute confusion.


Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Chikmagalur

As a designated protected area and a Project Tiger zone, the wildlife sanctuary under consideration is a habitat for a diverse range of wild animals and birds. The extraordinary flora and fauna found here offer a captivating spectacle. Every moment spent at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a worthwhile investment of time and money, establishing its status as one of the premier tourist destinations in Chikmagalur. Situated between the Chikmagalur and Shimoga districts, approximately 35 km from Chikmagalur town, the sanctuary boasts a substantial tiger population.

Upon entering the sanctuary, visitors can explore the Kallahathigiri Mountain, reaching an elevation of 1800 meters, along with other notable hills like Kemmannugundi and Bababudan Hills. The scenic beauty of the sanctuary is manifested in its lush greenery, enhanced by the presence of the Bhadra River, from which the sanctuary derives its name. The abundance of deciduous trees, including teak, rosewood, mathi, and kindal, contributes to the vibrant and thriving atmosphere within the sanctuary.

Referred to alternately as the Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary, this reserve is renowned for its wildlife safari experiences, allowing glimpses of tigers in their natural habitat. Private jeep safaris, facilitated by forest officials accompanying visitors, provide engaging narratives about forest life, wildlife behavior, and lifestyle. The wealth of information shared during these safaris makes the sanctuary an indispensable stop on your Chikmagalur tour.

With nearly 250 bird species inhabiting the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, specialized bird-watching expeditions led by ornithologists are available. These experts guide visitors to specific areas within the jungle where different bird species can be observed. While reptile sightings are challenging, fortunate visitors may catch a glimpse of a king cobra or a pit viper. Additionally, the sanctuary is home to marsh crocodiles often seen basking along the banks of small water bodies, adding another layer of intrigue to this natural haven.



Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur

Elevated at 1930 meters above sea level, Mullayanagiri peak graces the Baba Budan Giri Range in the Western Ghats, a mere 45-minute drive from Chikmagalur. Positioned as the highest peak between the Nilgiris and the Himalayas, it beckons visitors to a tranquil retreat with temperatures ranging between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Esteemed for its serene ambiance and unspoiled natural beauty, the peak is adorned with lush grasslands, rugged rocks, and a popular trekking trail, making it a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Mullayanagiri is also renowned for its proximity to coffee plantations.

A focal point for adventure seekers, particularly trekkers, Mullayanagiri boasts impeccable trekking trails. The 4 km trek commences from Sarpadhari, featuring a steep trail. Beyond trekking, visitors can partake in exhilarating activities like mountain biking and road biking. The destination caters to both solitude seekers and those with an adventurous spirit. Chikmagalur serves as the nearest town, offering exploration opportunities such as small caves located just below the peak. At the hill's summit, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva stands, and on clear days, the panoramic view reveals the Western Ghats in all their majestic splendor.


Kudremukh National Park

Kudremukh National Park Chikmagalur

Nestled amidst mountains, Kudremukh National Park is renowned for its breathtaking scenic beauty. Granted national park status in 1987, this expansive 600-square-kilometer area stands out as one of the most meticulously preserved national parks in the state. Adorned with natural splendor, the park features towering peaks adorned with a diverse array of flora and fauna, complemented by picturesque trekking routes that offer stunning views of lush grasslands. There is a wealth of experiences to savor within the confines of Kudremukh National Park.

This wildlife sanctuary constitutes the second-largest tropical wet evergreen forest area in the Western Ghats region. The park derives its name from the local language, with "Kudremukha" translating to "horse-face," a nod to the highest mountain peak resembling a horse's face from a specific angle. Soaring to a height of 1,894 meters (6,214 feet), it holds the distinction of being the second-highest peak in Karnataka. The park serves as the habitat for numerous endangered and endemic plant and animal species, featuring apex predators like tigers, leopards, and wild dogs.

Initially developed as a significant iron-ore mining town, Kudremukh witnessed a successful conservation campaign against the detrimental environmental impacts of mining activities. Today, Kudremukh, with its verdant surroundings, stands as a haven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, offering a detailed and immersive experience of the Western Ghats' natural wonders.



Kyathanamakki Chikmagalur

For thrill-seekers nationwide, embarking on an exhilarating off-roading adventure through the undulating, verdant hills of Kyatanamakki is an absolute must. This activity unfolds in a landscape adorned with numerous streams, waterfalls, and majestic peaks shrouded in thick clouds, rendering it one of the most enchanting destinations in Chikmagalur.

Mounted on a robust 4x4 vehicle, you navigate the challenging terrain, transforming the journey into a thrilling and gratifying experience. Beyond off-roading, the area offers inspiring treks and opportunities to witness captivating sunsets from lofty peaks. Immerse yourself in the rustic ambiance and gain insights into local culture by opting for homestays in the vicinity. Kyatanamakki promises not only an adrenaline-pumping adventure but also a chance to appreciate the natural beauty and cultural richness of the region.


Z Point

Z Point Chikmagalur

Perched in the heart of Kemmangundi, Z Point provides breathtaking panoramas of the Western Ghats, accessible through a 3-kilometer trek. Embarking from Kemmanagundi Raj Bhavan, the trek leads through dense forests, unveiling the scenic Shanti Waterfalls along the way. The initial stretch to Shanti falls is relatively easy, but beyond that point, the trail becomes more challenging. In the latter part of the trek, you navigate a narrow path flanked by deep valleys and steep hills. Regarded among the most picturesque attractions in Chikmagalur, Z Point stands as an awe-inspiring vantage for both sunrise and sunset.

Perched at an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level, this route, though demanding, rewards trekkers with exhilarating views of Kemmanagundi's mountains and expansive grasslands, contributing to a distinctive ambiance on the slopes.