Explore the enchanting attractions of Sakleshpur, including Manjarabad Fort, Sakleshwara Temple, Bisle View Point, Agni Gudda Hill, Manjehalli Waterfalls, Pandavar Gudda, Hadlu Waterfall, Temples of Halebid and Belur, Jenukal Gudda, Kukke Subramanya Temple, Green Route Trek, Raxidi Estate, Ayyappa Swami Temple, Eshwara Temple, and more.

Nestled in the Western Ghats, Sakleshpur beckons tourists with its sprawling orchards of tea, coffee, and spice plantations, inviting them to revel in the natural beauty of the region. The town boasts picturesque hills, perfect for trekking, offering breathtaking views that showcase the town's flourishing charm. Sakleshpur's tourist spots encompass cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, gothic churches, magnificent forts, and other attractions that add to the allure of this dazzling hill station.

Surrounded by the lush green hills of the Western Ghats, tranquil waterfalls, and expansive orchids, Sakleshpur offers a plethora of places to explore. The town's grace reaches its pinnacle, attracting visitors with scenic trekking trails. Amidst the aroma of the finest coffee beans, Sakleshpur's tourist destinations showcase cultural and historical landmarks such as Sakaleswara Temple, Manjarabad Fort, Kukke Subramanya Temple, Ayyappa Swami Temple, Temples of Halebid and Belur, Shettihalli Rosary Church, Betta Byraveshwara Temple, and Eshwara Temple.

Within the stunning landscapes, visitors can discover hidden gems like Raxidi Estate, Haldu Waterfall, Manjehalli Waterfall, and Bisle View Point, nestled in dense forests, offering a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Trekking enthusiasts can embark on trails like Jenukal Gudda, Ombattu Gudda, Agni Gudda Hill, Pandavar Gudda, and Green Route Trek, savoring scenic views of hills and valleys. Sakleshpur stands as a pristine destination, providing a rejuvenating holiday for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, thanks to its pleasant climate and lush green forests.


Sakleshwara Temple

Sakleshwara Temple Sakleshpur

Renowned for its annual Rath Yatra in February, the Sri Sakleshwara Swamy Temple stands just 1.5 kilometers away from the Sakleshpur bus stand and holds the distinction of being one of the oldest temples in the state. Open for exploration from 6 AM to 6 PM, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated along the banks of the Hemavathy River.

Constructed during the flourishing period of the Hoysala empire in the 11th to 14th century, the temple showcases the exquisite craftsmanship characteristic of the Hoysala era. In fact, the town of Sakleshpur derives its name from this temple, which, despite being smaller in size compared to standard South Indian temples, has stood at the entrance of Sakleshpur for over 600 years. The temple's grand and majestic colossal statue of Lord Shiva serves as its main attraction.

During the Rath Yatra, which draws thousands of devotees and tourists, a vibrant parade takes place featuring Dholu Kunitha, drum sets, Marshavadya, and Nandidhwaja. Onlookers participate by offering camphor, fruits, flowers, and more, adding to the festive atmosphere..


Manjarabad Fort

Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur

Prepare yourself for a captivating retreat with a visit to Om Beach during your stay in Gokarna. As one of the most scenic attractions in the area, Om Beach is renowned for its tranquil landscape. It serves as an ideal haven for thrill-seekers who relish engaging in various water activities. Notably, the beach takes on the form of the sacred symbol 'Om,' drawing numerous visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

The spiritual significance of Om Beach in Gokarna is rooted in its distinctive geographical appearance. Resembling the sacred symbol 'Om,' the beach holds great auspiciousness for the locals. The convergence of two semi-crescent land formations contributes to the unique identity of the beach.

Om Beach is famed for its enchanting early morning and late evening vistas, making it a paradise for photographers. Observing the transient phases of the skyline from the shores of Om Beach is a truly amazing experience. Don't forget your camera, as there will be ample moments worth capturing. The beach boasts fine, delicate sand and awe-inspiring rock formations.

The presence of fishing boats along the shores, with some engaged in deep-sea fishing, adds a vibrant touch to the scenery. If you're sociable, consider approaching the local fishing community to gain insights into their daily lives.

For those seeking adventure, Om Beach offers a plethora of activities, including banana boat rides, bumper boat rides, dolphin spotting, jet skiing, fishing, trekking, and speed boating. Embrace the excitement and make the most of your visit to this remarkable destination.


Bisle View Point

Bisle View Point Sakleshpur

Even for seasoned viewpoint enthusiasts, we highly recommend unlocking the captivating vistas of the Western Ghats from Bisle View Point. This locale offers an ideal escape from the monotony of everyday life. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by breathtaking views of three mountain ranges—Doddabetta, Yenikallu Betta, Kumara Parvatha, and Pushpagiri.

Reaching the pinnacle entails a hiking adventure. Along your journey, you'll encounter a diverse array of flora and fauna, making the expedition an enriching experience. For nature lovers, Bisle View Point is bound to leave you in awe.


Manjehalli Waterfalls

Manjehalli Waterfalls Sakleshpur

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature at Manjehalli Waterfalls during an unforgettable retreat with your family and friends. Also recognized as Abbi Falls, Manjehalli Waterfalls stands out as one of the most enchanting tourist destinations in Sakleshpur.

Indulging in a refreshing dip beneath the babbling stream is a delightful activity, providing a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of the Indian monsoons at Manjehalli Waterfalls.

Standing beneath the cascading waterfall is a source of pure joy and excitement for everyone. However, it's essential to exercise caution due to the slippery rocks when venturing beneath the falls.

The location offers a picturesque landscape for photography enthusiasts and doubles as a rejuvenating picnic spot for tourists in Sakleshpur.


Ayyappa Swami Temple

Ayyappa Swami Temple Sakleshpur

When embarking on a vacation to Sakleshpur, a visit to the Ayyappa Swami Temple is a must for an incredible experience. Renowned for its serene ambiance and breathtaking surroundings, this temple attracts numerous tourists seeking a refreshing retreat and stands out as a captivating spot for Sakleshpur sightseeing.

Situated within the Sakleshpur Lake Park, the Ayyappa Swami Temple holds prominence as one of the top temples for a spiritual escape in the region. Surrounded by a mesmerizing landscape, visitors can catch glimpses of diverse wildlife, lush forests, and picturesque river valleys.

For those in search of a tranquil attraction in Sakleshpur, where one can relish a peaceful morning or evening stroll while being greeted by the warm sun rays, the Ayyappa Swami Temple stands as one of the finest destinations to plan a visit with friends and family.


Kukke Subramanya Temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple Sakleshpur

The renowned Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, a significant Hindu shrine, is situated in Karnataka, India. Dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya, who is worshipped as Lord Kartikeya, the deity of serpents, the temple exudes unparalleled tranquility and peace. Nestled in the heart of Subrahmanya village in Dakshina Kannada, the temple is enveloped by lush natural surroundings. The mystical charm is heightened by the presence of the Kumara Parvatha mountain, which overlooks the temple, and the adjacent Shesha Parvatha, shaped like a six-headed cobra, seemingly guarding the sacred site.

Revered as the abode of 'nagas,' the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple conducts prayers and poojas dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya and the serpent king Vasuki. Devotees hold the belief that taking a holy bath in the Kumaradhara Thirtha and Madesnana at this temple can alleviate severe ailments, including leprosy. The temple is credited with healing skin-related diseases, making it a revered destination for those seeking relief. Additionally, the temple is regarded as the ultimate sanctuary for individuals afflicted with 'naga doshas,' offering remedies such as Sarpa Samskara Pooja and Ashlesha Pooja. Devotees from across the country flock to the temple, considering it an ideal place for Naga Dosha Pariharam, seeking salvation from afflictions associated with serpent-related issues.


Hadlu Waterfall

Hadlu Waterfall Sakleshpur

Plan your summer getaway to Hadlu Waterfalls when considering a visit to the charming town of Sakleshpur on your upcoming vacation—it's one of the best places to explore in Sakleshpur.

This destination presents a picturesque landscape, providing a breathtaking display of nature at its finest. Hadlu Waterfalls is renowned as a popular trekking spot, offering an exhilarating experience for those seeking an adventure-filled location.

Reaching the icy waterfalls involves a memorable trek through vibrant coffee plantations and scenic forests that adorn the trail. Hadlu Waterfalls flows through six stages, and the most enjoyable activity for tourists is immersing themselves in the invigorating waters.

A journey to Hadlu Waterfalls offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visiting this natural wonder becomes a rejuvenating experience for individuals and families alike, making it a fantastic recreational destination among the places to explore in Sakleshpur.


Agni Guda Hill

Agni Guda Hill Sakleshpur

Situated in Agni Gudda or the 'fiery mountain' due to its volcanic nature, Agani Peak can be reached from Agani village through a moderate 3-kilometer trek lasting about an hour. Once at the summit, you'll be treated to a clear view of lush pasture lands and plains adorned with paddy fields. For an enchanting experience, consider pitching your tent and camping overnight to marvel at the magical starlit sky.

This region is well-known for activities such as trekking and camping. Alternatively, if you prefer a more leisurely time, indulge in a picnic and savor the panoramic view of the surrounding rice terrains. Positioned approximately 25 kilometers from Sakleshpur's bus stand, Agni Gudda is best explored from October to March, with the trek taking around 4 hours for the round trip. Additionally, you can follow the trek route to reach the Manjarabad Fort. Agni Gudda is a popular filming location for various South Indian movies and serves as an ideal spot for half-day picnics.


Ombattu Gudda

Ombattu Gudda Sakleshpur

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature at Manjehalli Waterfalls during an unforgettable retreat with your family and friends. Also referred to as Abbi Falls, Manjehalli Waterfalls stands as one of the most breathtaking tourist destinations in Sakleshpur.

Indulging in a refreshing bath beneath the gurgling stream is an invigorating activity, offering the opportunity to witness the beauty of the monsoons in India at Manjehalli Waterfalls.

Standing beneath the waterfall becomes an activity of pure joy and excitement for everyone. However, it is essential to exercise caution due to the slippery rocks when venturing under the cascading water.

The location provides a picturesque landscape, making it a delightful spot for photography enthusiasts, and also doubles as a revitalizing picnic destination for tourists in Sakleshpur.


Pandavar Gudda

Pandavar Gudda Sakleshpur

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure by including Pandavar Gudda in your Sakleshpur vacation itinerary. Revered in Indian mythology as the once abode of the Pandavas during their vanavas in the Mahabharata, Pandavar Gudda sparks historical intrigue with the presence of a temple dating back approximately 1000 years, as estimated by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Counted among the most captivating sightseeing spots in Sakleshpur, this destination draws numerous tourists. Visitors can relish the visual delights of Pandavar Gudda by organizing a picnic with loved ones or elevating their spirits with an adventurous trek to the hill's summit.

Favored by avid photographers, the location provides a splendid panorama of the Jenkal Hills. To capture the best views of the landscape, it is recommended that tourists visit Pandavar Gudda during the serene moments of sunrise or sunset while enjoying their vacation in Sakleshpur.